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About D.A.D. Sales

Customer Advantages

Our goal is the success of our customers, and our mission is to provide industry-leading service to our customers in the electrical products market on behalf of our manufacturer partners. D.A.D. Sales will provide you with the knowledge and equipment to fulfill your requirements to a high level of quality, safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

When you choose to do business with D.A.D. Sales you will gain access to a lineup of customer advantages:

  • Decades of relevant, hands-on experience in the electrical field;
  • Access to a vast array of top-quality products by premier manufacturers;
  • Intimate knowledge of the market we serve – our customers, the tasks they perform, the challenges they face and the equipment they need;
  • Proven ability to build long-term relationships with our manufacturers, electrical distributors and electrical contractors;
  • Continuous upgrading of our product knowledge through regular training and work in the field;
  • A dedicated professional sales team that has the product knowledge and expertise needed to recommend the right solution for the customer’s application or project;
  • A long track record of training customers in the sourcing, application and use of the products that we sell; and
  • Unmatched “application experience”, resulting in our ability to recommend the correct product for any of our customers’ installation tasks, features or systems.

All of this means professional, comprehensive, ethical, and excellent service for our customers, adding up to an unmatched ability to create solutions.