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About D.A.D. Sales

Manufacturers: Giving You a Competitive Edge

Leading electrical manufacturers have chosen to make D.A.D. Sales their representatives with electrical distributors and electrical contractors across Alberta, eastern British Columbia, Saskatchewan (some lines), and in the western Arctic. Why? Because we are people of integrity, long experience, technical depth and strong customer focus who represent the manufacturer with professionalism, tireless motivation and a track record of sales success across this dynamic market.

Are you an electrical manufacturer that is interested in building your presence in our market area? If so, here is how making D.A.D. Sales your representative can help give your company a competitive edge:

  • Critical mass as a professional sales organization, including “boots on the ground” – experienced sales people based across the region and expert in their sales area. Simply put, we are your ready-made inside and outside sales force;
  • Established relationships and reputation with electrical distributors across the region, ensuring that we can get their attention for your product line;
  • Strong relationships with electrical contractors throughout the region;
  • Market intelligence concerning regional economic activity and major projects, giving you insight into areas of opportunity; and
  • Cost-effectiveness through representing an array of non-competing product lines.

In working with D.A.D. Sales you’ll join an impressive lineup of manufacturers that design and produce high-quality, innovative products.