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Product Types

AFCI Receptacles
All-In-One Controllers
Aluminum Building Wire
Aluminum Conduit
Antimicrobial Touch Electrical Devices
Architectural Lights
Bath Fans
Bolted Framing (Strut Systems)
Cabinets & Electrical Enclosures
Cable Tray Systems & Supports / Cable Management
Canopy Lights
Capacitor Fuses
Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Ceiling Forced Air Diffusers
CFL LED Replacements
Coloured EMT
Commercial Ceiling Heaters
Commercial Forced Air Architectural Wall Heaters
Commercial Indoor LED Lighting
Commercial Lighting Controls
Commercial Unit Heaters
Commercial Wall Heaters
Consumer Timers
Control Transformers
Copper Building Wire
Custom Lights
Custom Armoured Products
Data & Connectivity Devices
DataComm Equipment Supports
DC Isolators (Switches)
Distribution Blocks
Distribution Transformers
Electric Baseboard Heaters
Electric Convector Heaters
Electric Draft Barriers
Electric Furnaces
Electrical Accessories (Devices)
Electrical Device Boxes
Electrical Enclosures & Wireway
Electrical Mil-Aero Wire Processing
Electrical OEM Connection Systems
Electrical Rough In & Prefab
Electrical Supplies
Electrical Test & Measurement
Electrical Tools & Totes
Electrical Wire Installation
Electrical Wire Management
Electrical Wire Termination
EMT & Rigid Elbows, Couplings & Nipples
EMT & Rigid Speed Couplings
EMT Conduit
  Explosion-Proof Convection Heaters
Explosion-Proof Unit Heaters
Fan/Heat/Light Combination units
Fasteners & Fixing Systems
Fibreglass Enclosures
Firetech Protective Tape and Insulation
Flexible Metal Conduit
Flood Lights
Fluorescent Lights
Forced Air Floor Heaters
Forced Air Wall Heaters
Fuse Blocks
Fuse Clips
Fuse Holders
GFCI Receptacles
Hazardous Location Lights
Heating Cable Mat for Snow Melting
Heating Cable on Mat for Concrete
High-Speed Hand Dryers
High-Voltage Isolators
High/Low Bay Lights
HDPE Conduit
Hour Meters
Hybrid Convection & Fan-Forced Heaters
Indoor/Outdoor Infrared Heaters
Industrial & Commercial Infrared Heaters
Industrial Cables
Industrial LED Lighting
Intelligent Relays
KickSpace Heaters
LED Bollards
LED Ceiling/Pole Mount Lights
LED Dock Lights
LED Flood Lights
LED Inground
LED T5, T8, T12 Replacement Tubes Type A, B, C
LED Track Lighting
LED Under Cabinet Lights
LED Wall Mount & Step Lights
LED Work Lights
Liquid-tight connectors
Load Break Switches
Locking Devices
Low Voltage Fuses
Mechanical Thermostats
  Medium-Voltage Fuses
Medium-Voltage Transformer
Metallic Liquid-tight
Meter Mounting Equipment
Motor Controls
MVR R Rated Motor Fuses
Networks & DataComm
Non-Jacketed Flexible Conduit
Non-Linear Load Transformers
Non-Metal Liquid-Tight
Outdoor Area Lights
Outdoor HID Lighting
Pendant LED Lights
Pin & Sleeve Devices
Pipe Hangers & Mechanical Supports
Plastic Cord
Polycarbonate Enclosures
Pool & Spa Controls
Portable Heaters
Potential Transformer Fuses
Power Protection
Power Supplies
Power Transformers
Quantim TPE Cord – SJ
Relays and Thermostat Controls for Electric Heaters
Residential Lighting Controls
Residential Wall Heaters
Residential LED Lighting
Retrofit LED Lights
Roadway Lighting
Rubber Cord
Safety Gratings
Seismic Bracing
Sensors & Photo controls
Smoke & CO Auxiliary Devices
Smoke Alarms
Specialty Cables
Specialty Fuses
Specialty Power Fuses
Specialty Switches
Straight Blade Plus & Connectors
Subsea & Shore Power Connectors
Surge Protection Devices
Suspended Indoor LED Lights
Talking Smoke & CO Alarms
Taps & Adapters
Temporary Power
Thermat Floor Heating System
Time Switches & Controls
Vapour-Tight Fixtures
Vapour-Proof Lights
Vertical Unit Heaters
Wallpack Lights
Wash Down Unit Heaters
Weatherproof Covers and Boxes
Weatherproof Receptacle Covers
Wire Mesh Grips

Many of our standard products can be custom-engineered. Please contact D.A.D. Sales for enquiries or take a gander at our manufacturers leading manufacturers.