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Electrical Distributors


Advancing technologies are resulting in new products and applications being launched faster than ever. Codes, standards and safety regulations are also changing very quickly. Your customers need support in applying sophisticated new products effectively. They are continually seeking ideas on how to cut labour costs to give them an edge on their next bid.

D.A.D. Sales and the manufacturers we represent offer training programs to keep you informed and make you and your team better at your job. D.A.D. Sales’ Training Services place our decades of experience and accumulated knowledge, plus our rock-solid relationships with our manufacturers, at your disposal. Our staff seminars and available small-group sessions bring you the knowledge you need.

The sessions are custom-designed to the needs of the people who will attend. This could be a group of highly experienced employees or managers who are seeking detailed technical knowledge about a sophisticated new system. We have the technical depth to provide the required insight. D.A.D.’s training events are provided either by the manufacturers’ technical specialists or by D.A.D.’s in-house experts, or by both working together. We cover the technical specifications, capabilities, performance, features and benefits – and above all the application.

Or you might need help with new recruits – perhaps even newcomers to the electrical sector – who need basic product knowledge as well as insight into the needs that drive your customers. Repeat business for you depends on strong relationships as much as good products. Building a strong relationship requires confidence on the part of your customer. Becoming a credible service employee, in turn, requires understanding what an electrical installation job involves, selecting the parts that will be needed, quoting accurately and giving tips on products that can make the job go faster or easier.

D.A.D. Sales Training Services can help with every step. This is especially important in our fast-changing economy, in which young inexperienced people are entering the workforce. They are in need of basic and, over time, comprehensive product knowledge, turning them into an effective partner to your customers.

To put in a request for training, please click here, or go to our Contacts page and pick the Request Training option, or simply call us.